Clément Doyer Labo Solidago


« Working with Solidago method and products since 2008, it has helped me raise healthier and stronger heifers who became cows with much longer longevity. I’ve also been able to sell extra heifers. It’s a good economy. It also made the jump to organic farming easier because I had natural treatments to rely on when my cows needed some. » – Joe Borth, Lorben Farm, Mildmay, Ontario

Cow in the sun Labo Solidago« For almost two years now, I have been in charge of animal care and Labo Solidago has been part of my daily life. A good start with calving preparation especially for heifers. Then the protocol for calves, gives good results. Treatment for stage 1 and 2 mastitis well working well. We did the mycoplasmic treatment following the advice of the technical support homeopath and we eliminated 80% of the cough in the stable. Prevention for flu and toxins also works well. Thank you for everything and continue your excellent work, we need you. » – 2017 December – Harry Reber and Josée Morin, Holstein farm, Ferme du Vieux Moulin, Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette, Quebec

Cow in blue sky Labo Solidago« I wanted to share with you my experience with Mr. Doyer and the entire Labo Solidago team. My first meeting with Mr. Doyer was in October 2015, when we were experiencing health problems with our dairy herd and veterinary medicine was no longer producing the desired results. I called Mr. Doyer and the Labo Solidago team on the advice of a friend who already trusted them. From the very first meeting, Mr. Doyer and his colleague closely observed my entire herd in order to assess the health of each individual. Following his observations, Mr. Doyer began by giving me recommendations on how to feed my animals in order to improve their overall health rather than focusing on the symptoms that some individuals presented. Then he offered me certain treatments. Since that time, I have been using the treatments and advice of Mr. Doyer and the Solidago Lab and we have obtained excellent results. » 2017 – Patrick Grenier Owner of Ferme du Gren-Nor located in St-Aubert, Quebec.

cows in the meadow Labo Solidago « I have been doing the Annual Preventive Plan for several years now to strengthen the immune system of my cows to prevent problems rather than cure them, it’s much easier. I haven’t used antibiotics since 2000. The CL has been held at 125,000 for 2 years. Fertility is good there are fewer mastitis and fewer reforms too. With healthier cows it gives calves in better shape and a good start. By no longer treating with antibiotics there is no more wasted milk and this appears on the quantity of milk produced. I feel great satisfaction in producing quality milk without antibiotics. » – 2010 – Martin Lacasse, Emerald Farm, Quebec

Hernandez cows Labo Solidago« Solidago products have been on our shelves since 2005 because it works very well in prevention and cure.  I decided to use this laboratory after the loss of 9 cows in the same year (including 5 in the same week) at that time I said to myself:”I have everything to gain by working with things other than antibiotics. That year, when the cows calved, we were under enormous stress because we knew that they would paralyze from the second calving, which was almost automatic. I’ve been to and what I found wonderful was that everything is explained, there’s no hiding place, the notebook is complete. I understood with the help of Solidago’s people that my cows were demineralized and had clogged emunctory organs, which caused viticular fever and many other problems. So I started draining the emonctories (liver, pancreas spleen, skin) and preparing for calving 21 days before the expected calving date, and I was surprised (and the veterinarian too) to see my 6 older cows calving the following month without even paralyzing. And now that all these products are accepted for LQC accreditation, it’s even better. I would like to thank the Solidago laboratory team for their support and interest in helping me keep my herd healthy. » – 2010 – Nicole Gauthier, Bois francs, Quebec

Veau Labo Solidago« I do a monthly drainage, anti-inflammatory and re-mineralisation treatment for the whole herd and I am very satisfied with it. It improves the consumption and overall health of cows. It also decreases somatic cells. I do the same treatment at calving and it helps the cow to get back on her feet. I’m also doing a preventive treatment against influenza and autumn diarrhea with what works very well. I use for milk fever, mastitis and placental retention. Soliflame is a bit of a master key. It helps in the treatment of many things like loss of appetite, runny nose, swelling at the udder and everything that involves inflammation internally or externally. » – 2010- Marc Laflamme, Quebec

Info Holstein magazine June 2008« Purchasing a herd following a fire, Pascal Lemire from La Visitation, Quebec, began to have animals die from the disease Mycoplasma. In fact, this organism feasts off recommended penicillin for foot rut, with the animal eventually dying. A fellow breeder introduced Pascal to Clement Doyer’s homeopathic methods and, within seven to eight months, his Maydistar herd was disease-free. Since 2002, past Holstein Canada President Pascal has not used penicillin to treat any animals. Moreover, due to preventive measures, he has not had a mastitis flare-up in four years. He has already recommended Labo Solidago to over 20 producers. All have had successful results with a Red Deer Alberta breeder swearing that Clement Doyer’s homeopathic practices are a miracle cure ! » From Info Holstein Canada – 2008 June