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Martine Jourde Homeopath Labo SolidagoMARTINE JOURDE, Professionnal Homeopathe for 40 years, director of the Agency in Research & Development and Education in Homeopathy of Quebec (ARDEHQ).Since 2001, pioneer in the integrated approach of professionals and homeopathic solutions for sustainable community development in Canada and abroad President of Homeopaths of expertise in homeopathy applied to human, vegetal and animal (animal production animals as well as pets). Creator of the formulas Solidago, Holidago, P and LP , and other formulas. Responsible for homeopathic content in communications and training and for all questions of homeopathic evaluation/expertise, in collaboration with Health Canada. Consultant, trainer, head of Research and Development, mission, objectives, strategy, solution means and homeopathic products.

Clement Doyer dairy farmer and cow language expert

CLEMENT DOYER, General Manager, administrator, trainer, responsible for external development (France, Thailand, Uruguay) and technical development. Masters of Education from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute (VPI), one year of study at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Guelph. He taught high school for eight years, four of them in Virginia, USA. He built boats, sailed, and then built houses, still searching. « For almost thirty years I have been studying the problems that affect breeders and meeting them in their barn. It was by offering them training and listening that I learned this profession. ». In 1989-90, he founded the Solidago Labo and assembled a team to better meet the demand, « We are fortunate to work in collaboration with Martine Jourde, an expert consultant and homeopath of international renown, who created the homeopathic formulas for us that have made the Solidago Lab so famous ». Continuous research is a passion for him, a pig farm for a few years and for some time now he has been setting up a dairy farm, currently 50 heads, a dream of his early childhood. « In Thailand, the cows are small, it’s hot! The challenges are different. »

Claire Huard floral elixrs Labo SolidagoCLAIRE HUARD, Project manager in setting up the manufacturing laboratory, administrator, production supervisor, safety standards, product quality and human resources. Expert in the elaboration of floral elixirs.

ZOÉ MOUVET JOURDE, Responsible for quality assurance. Training in hygiene and health of MAPAQ and quality control, SYNOR, Cégep Saint-Hyacinthe.

Annie Boudreau Homeopath responsible for Customer ServiceANNIE BOUDREAU, Homeopath, responsible for customer service.

HÉLÈNE PRANEVICIA, Sales & Marketing 

Advertising consultant at the Journal de Montréal for 20 years, naturopath and certified homeopath. All new in the beautiful Kamouraska region!

Having the environment at heart, what a joy it is to join Labo Solidago, which embodies my desire to contribute to the health of animals and the planet.

HELENE TOURIGNY, Responsible for production and shipping. Expert in natural dynamisation, not mechanical.Helene Tourigny Expert in Natural Dynamization





MARIANNE LEGENDRE joined the team in 2018. She studied in the field of organic agriculture and has a training in work coop. As a disinfection and inventory worker, her involvement in the team is diversified.


JEAN-PIERRE CAVALERIE, Agent for Solidago products in France