12 essential formulas (pending notification)

SOLITRAUMA Helps physical re adaptation after trauma and to maintain natural calm during anticipated changes or transports, nervousness.
SOLIFLAME Helps to maintain the healthy integrity of udder, mucosa and musculoskeletal system, as after inflammation.
SOLIPROMIN To promote assimilation of proteins and minerals and support physiological needs during growth, production and recovery.
SOLIDRAIN Helps to support healthy metabolic and elimination functions of liver, pancreas, kidneys, intestines.
SOLILYMPHE Helps maintain and regulate healthy lymphatic and glandular systems.
SOLINTOX Helps maintain metabolic, digestive health and elimination of wastes, such as after intoxications.
SOLISEP Helps maintain healthy integrity of natural defenses and of body, as after infection.
SOLIMMUNE To promote and support immune health and energy balance during growth, production, fever.
SOLIPULMO To promote and maintain healthy respiratory function and adaptation to seasonal and climatic changes.
SOLIDIA Helps maintain and support microbiota and intestinal health, during adaptation to dietary and environmental changes.
SOLIMYCOSTAPH Helps maintain immune health of udder, mucosa, joints and skin, to restore balance with the environment.
SOLIPARASITES Helps maintain integrity of natural intestinal and pulmonary defenses, during adaptations to environmental changes.

2 formulas for development (pending notification)

SOLIVEAU/CALF To promote and support the healthy immune, metabolic and musculoskeletal development of the young animal, to become a productive and balanced adult.
SOLILACTATION Helps to maintain and support healthy immune, metabolic, digestive and reproductive functions of the producing animal, at all stages of lactation.