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New policy, new approach, first public release


Quebec City, March 13, 2018 – Labo Solidago will be present at the Canadian Dairy Xpo (Hall 3, Alley 4) in Stratford, Ontario on April 4 and 5 to officially launch its line of homeopathic animal products. This is a first public appearance due to Health Canada’s new openness to natural, integrated practices to maintain and promote animal health and welfare, thus contributing to the global fight against antibiotic resistance. The Labo team will meet with Ontario producers to inform them and provide them with approved low-risk health management tools to reduce the use of animal antimicrobials. Solidago wants to work with everyone to meet the challenges of the new standards for quality milk production, safer for everyone and without milk withdrawal.

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria have become a global problem for humans, and antibiotic resistance is now one of the most serious threat (1/2 million deaths in 2017)* to global health, food security and development. A World Health Organization report* has called for antibiotics to no longer be used as growth promoters in pigs and chickens, with 80% of all antibiotics used in Canada administered to animals. New standards for animal welfare and health are gradually becoming mandatory in the dairy industry. Dairy farmers are already faced with stricter rules on access and use of antibiotics and will soon have no choice but to adapt. For example, the use of preventive antibiotics at cows dry up is nowadays widely discussed and would only be reserved for the treatment of infected udders. Soon, antibiotic use should be limited to curative care with milk withholding.

At the same time, Health Canada’s Veterinary Products section opens the door to alternative approaches to maintaining animal health and ultimately public health. For 28 years Labo Solidago has been manufacturing low-risk animal health products without milk withholding.

With a presence on three continents, Labo Solidago, backed by the experience of conscientious dairy producers, has quietly refined its methods and tools over the years, as well as the formulas designed by homeopathic expert Martine Jourde, a professional registered at the College of Homeopath of Ontario, among others.

Labo Solidago’s teamwork has developed a unique preventive approach to help dairy producers manage their herd optimally. The objective is to make use of an integrated and practical approach with homeopathic formulas that facilitate adaptation and anticipation. The Animal Health Products provided by Solidago, easy to administer, guarantee that the difficulties of adapting to the different important stages of a cow’s life are anticipated and successfully resolved.

According to Clement Doyer, founder of the laboratory, the Solidago method multiplies the benefits for animals, dairy producers, consumers and the environment while respecting the new standards.

Labo Solidago’s homeopathic products and methods are an effective and rewarding alternative to sustainable milk production. In 2018, just after Easter, CDX marks its rebirth and the beginning of its public life.


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