Innovative, Labo Solidago has been working with animal producers and breeders since 1989 in order to make possible an integrated global solution for animal health and welfare.

Labo Solidago is a laboratory of research & development and assembly of Veterinary Health Products (VHP). Our range of products is formulated according to quality, efficiency and safety requirements. The Solidago Method stimulates and supports the development factors within the variable conditions of production and breeding.



To develop and manufacture quality, safe and effective health products to make breeders and producers self-sufficient in maintaining the balance in their herd.


– It is our duty to ensure that the food our customers produce is healthy and promotes overall health. –

– We believe that rational and conscious management is a guarantee of the longevity of dairy cows and therefore of profitability for the breeder. –

– Think globally, act locally. –

Labo Solidago was born from these values. Since 1989 we have been manufacturing preventive homeopathic formulas.

The Solidago method is: a concept that promotes realism, common sense, an approach that respects nature and  protocols that work,”low-risk” products assembled by hand using best practices and an experienced team working in close collaboration.

We have developed a method that respects the nature of the living being so that it retains its ability to adapt to the changes and stress that would affect it. By making sure they’re  upstream:
– to drain its filters, the liver skin, spleen and pancreas,
– to stimulate and strengthen the immune system,
– to chase the parasites away.
– to stimulate the assimilation of minerals and protein.

The World Health Organization, WHO has been very concerned about the epidemic development of antimicrobial resistance worldwide, which kills hundreds of thousands of people every year. Just think of the flesh-eating bacteria.  Antibiotics have been overused everywhere, and 80% of antibiotics are administered to animals on farms.

Preventing food imbalances, the main cause of misadaptation, will reduce the need for these remedies in an undue way, increasing their effectiveness when necessary and decreasing the development of resistance.


Since 1989, Labo Solidago has given itself a mission and developed an expertise to make producers and breeders more autonomous.

1989 à 2009

Development of high quality, safe, stimulating and supporting  homeopathic formulas for dairy production: drainage, immunity, remineralization and other complexes that facilitate adaptation to critical points in the breeding process or allow for satisfactory technical results for the breeder/producer: milk quality, somatic cells, factors influencing milk quality at the time of calving, reduction of pro-inflammatory factors during peak production, demineralisation at the time of persistence, immunity, etc….

Research for the development of formulas and homeopathic products adapted to different types of production, such as sheep, goat, pork, cattle.

Teachings – training of producers/breeders to be able to recognize important factors and moments of adaptation for their herd and production so that they can stimulate or support these factors of well-being and productivity, find balance, even foresee/prevent.

Development of tools for observation, identification and teaching.

Expansion in Canada, France.


Expansion of the scale of the approach to predicting and preventing factors of adaptation and performance : development of a new line of homeopathic products for simplified and preventive use.

Expansion of the integrated approach, method and tools specific to other types of production: rabbits and chickens: new LP products.

New developments in the individualised approach to the development, adaptation and performance factors of domestic animals: cats, dogs, horses.


In May 2017, the Government of Canada released amendments to the Food and Drug Regulations (Veterinary Drugs – Antimicrobial Resistance).

Here is an excerpt from it : ” Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a serious and growing public health threat in Canada and around the world. As more microbes become resistant to antimicrobial drugs (or antimicrobials), these drugs become less effective in preventing and controlling infection. The overuse and misuse of antimicrobials in animals is a contributing factor to the development and spread of AMR. The development and spread of antimicrobial-resistant pathogens in animals can pose serious risks to human health when they are transmitted as food-borne or water-borne contaminants. Antimicrobial-resistant infections are associated with a greater risk of death, more complex illnesses, longer hospital stays and higher treatment costs. Based on available information, close to 80% of the total volume of antimicrobials sold in Canada are sold for use in animals. “

These amendments now permit the importation and sale of low-risk Veterinary Health Product. (More info)

GMP quality standards

Our product line is formulated according to Health Canada’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) quality, efficacy and safety requirements.


12 essential formulas (pending notification)

SOLITRAUMA Helps physical re adaptation after trauma and to maintain natural calm during anticipated changes or transports, nervousness.
SOLIFLAME Helps to maintain the healthy integrity of udder, mucosa and musculoskeletal system, as after inflammation.
SOLIPROMIN To promote assimilation of proteins and minerals and support physiological needs during growth, production and recovery.
SOLIDRAIN Helps to support healthy metabolic and elimination functions of liver, pancreas, kidneys, intestines.
SOLILYMPHE Helps maintain and regulate healthy lymphatic and glandular systems.
SOLINTOX Helps maintain metabolic, digestive health and elimination of wastes, such as after intoxications.
SOLISEP Helps maintain healthy integrity of natural defenses and of body, as after infection.
SOLIMMUNE To promote and support immune health and energy balance during growth, production, fever.
SOLIPULMO To promote and maintain healthy respiratory function and adaptation to seasonal and climatic changes.
SOLIDIA Helps maintain and support microbiota and intestinal health, during adaptation to dietary and environmental changes.
SOLIMYCOSTAPH Helps maintain immune health of udder, mucosa, joints and skin, to restore balance with the environment.
SOLIPARASITES Helps maintain integrity of natural intestinal and pulmonary defenses, during adaptations to environmental changes.

2 formulas for development (pending notification)

SOLIVEAU/CALF To promote and support the healthy immune, metabolic and musculoskeletal development of the young animal, to become a productive and balanced adult.
SOLILACTATION Helps to maintain and support healthy immune, metabolic, digestive and reproductive functions of the producing animal, at all stages of lactation.



« Working with Solidago method and products since 2008, it has helped me raise healthier and stronger heifers who became cows with much longer longevity. I’ve also been able to sell extra heifers. It’s a good economy. It also made the jump to organic farming easier because I had natural treatments to rely on when my cows needed some. » – Joe Borth, Lorben Farm, Mildmay, Ontario

Cow in the sun Labo Solidago« For almost two years now, I have been in charge of animal care and Labo Solidago has been part of my daily life. A good start with calving preparation especially for heifers. Then the protocol for calves, gives good results. Treatment for stage 1 and 2 mastitis well working well. We did the mycoplasmic treatment following the advice of the technical support homeopath and we eliminated 80% of the cough in the stable. Prevention for flu and toxins also works well. Thank you for everything and continue your excellent work, we need you. » – 2017 December – Harry Reber and Josée Morin, Holstein farm, Ferme du Vieux Moulin, Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette, Quebec

Cow in blue sky Labo Solidago« I wanted to share with you my experience with Mr. Doyer and the entire Labo Solidago team. My first meeting with Mr. Doyer was in October 2015, when we were experiencing health problems with our dairy herd and veterinary medicine was no longer producing the desired results. I called Mr. Doyer and the Labo Solidago team on the advice of a friend who already trusted them. From the very first meeting, Mr. Doyer and his colleague closely observed my entire herd in order to assess the health of each individual. Following his observations, Mr. Doyer began by giving me recommendations on how to feed my animals in order to improve their overall health rather than focusing on the symptoms that some individuals presented. Then he offered me certain treatments. Since that time, I have been using the treatments and advice of Mr. Doyer and the Solidago Lab and we have obtained excellent results. » 2017 – Patrick Grenier Owner of Ferme du Gren-Nor located in St-Aubert, Quebec.

cows in the meadow Labo Solidago « I have been doing the Annual Preventive Plan for several years now to strengthen the immune system of my cows to prevent problems rather than cure them, it’s much easier. I haven’t used antibiotics since 2000. The CL has been held at 125,000 for 2 years. Fertility is good there are fewer mastitis and fewer reforms too. With healthier cows it gives calves in better shape and a good start. By no longer treating with antibiotics there is no more wasted milk and this appears on the quantity of milk produced. I feel great satisfaction in producing quality milk without antibiotics. » – 2010 – Martin Lacasse, Emerald Farm, Quebec

Hernandez cows Labo Solidago« Solidago products have been on our shelves since 2005 because it works very well in prevention and cure.  I decided to use this laboratory after the loss of 9 cows in the same year (including 5 in the same week) at that time I said to myself:”I have everything to gain by working with things other than antibiotics. That year, when the cows calved, we were under enormous stress because we knew that they would paralyze from the second calving, which was almost automatic. I’ve been to www.labosolidago.com and what I found wonderful was that everything is explained, there’s no hiding place, the notebook is complete. I understood with the help of Solidago’s people that my cows were demineralized and had clogged emunctory organs, which caused viticular fever and many other problems. So I started draining the emonctories (liver, pancreas spleen, skin) and preparing for calving 21 days before the expected calving date, and I was surprised (and the veterinarian too) to see my 6 older cows calving the following month without even paralyzing. And now that all these products are accepted for LQC accreditation, it’s even better. I would like to thank the Solidago laboratory team for their support and interest in helping me keep my herd healthy. » – 2010 – Nicole Gauthier, Bois francs, Quebec

Veau Labo Solidago« I do a monthly drainage, anti-inflammatory and re-mineralisation treatment for the whole herd and I am very satisfied with it. It improves the consumption and overall health of cows. It also decreases somatic cells. I do the same treatment at calving and it helps the cow to get back on her feet. I’m also doing a preventive treatment against influenza and autumn diarrhea with what works very well. I use for milk fever, mastitis and placental retention. Soliflame is a bit of a master key. It helps in the treatment of many things like loss of appetite, runny nose, swelling at the udder and everything that involves inflammation internally or externally. » – 2010- Marc Laflamme, Quebec

Info Holstein magazine June 2008« Purchasing a herd following a fire, Pascal Lemire, La Visitation, Qc began to have animals die from the disease Mycoplasm. In fact, this organism feasts off recommended penicilin for footrut, with the anmal eventually dying. A fellow breeder introduced Pascal to Clement Doyer’s homeopathic methods and, within sven to eight months, his Maydistar herd was disease-free. Since 2002,past Holstein ùCanada President Pascal has not used penicilin to treat any animals. Moreover, due to preventive measures,he has not had a mmastitis flare-up in four years. He has already recommended Labo Solidago to over 20 producers. All have had successful results with a Red Deer AB breeder swearing that Clement Doye’s homeopathic practices are a miracle cure ! » From Info Holstein Canada – 2008 June


An available and qualified team to listen to my needs 


Martine Jourde Homeopath Labo SolidagoMARTINE JOURDE, Professionnal Homeopathe for 40 years, director of the Agency in Research & Development and Education in Homeopathy of Quebec (ARDEHQ).Since 2001, pioneer in the integrated approach of professionals and homeopathic solutions for sustainable community development in Canada and abroad President of Homeopaths of expertise in homeopathy applied to human, vegetal and animal (animal production animals as well as pets). Creator of the formulas Solidago, Holidago, P and LP , and other formulas. Responsible for homeopathic content in communications and training and for all questions of homeopathic evaluation/expertise, in collaboration with Health Canada. Consultant, trainer, head of Research and Development, mission, objectives, strategy, solution means and homeopathic products.

Clement Doyer dairy farmer and cow language expert

CLEMENT DOYER, Director General, administrator, trainer, responsible for external development (France, Thailand, Uruguay) and technical development. Masters of Education from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute (VPI), one year of study at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Guelph. He taught high school for eight years, four of them in Virginia, USA. He built boats, sailed, and then built houses, still searching. « For almost thirty years I have been studying the problems that affect breeders and meeting them in their barn. It was by offering them training and listening that I learned this profession. ». In 1989-90, he founded the Solidago Labo and assembled a team to better meet the demand, « We are fortunate to work in collaboration with Martine Jourde, an expert consultant and homeopath of international renown, who created the homeopathic formulas for us that have made the Solidago Lab so famous ». Continuous research is a passion for him, a pig farm for a few years and for some time now he has been setting up a dairy farm, currently 50 heads, a dream of his early childhood. « In Thailand, the cows are small, it’s hot! The challenges are different. »

Claire Huard floral elixrs Labo SolidagoCLAIRE HUARD, Project manager in setting up the manufacturing laboratory, administrator, production supervisor, safety standards, product quality and human resources. Expert in the elaboration of floral elixirs.

Zoe Mouvet Jourde Quality Assurance ManagerZOÉ MOUVET JOURDE, Responsible for quality assurance. Training in hygiene and health of MAPAQ and quality control, SYNOR, Cégep Saint-Hyacinthe.

Annie Boudreau Homeopath responsible for Customer ServiceANNIE BOUDREAU, Homeopath, responsible for customer service.

Helene Tourigny Expert in Natural DynamizationHELENE TOURIGNY, Responsible for production and shipping. Expert in natural dynamization, not mechanical.

CAROLE PEDENAULT, Accounting Manager

Claire Martin Marketing ManagerCLAIRE MARTIN,  Responsible for market development

JEAN-PIERRE CAVALERIE, Agent for Solidago products in France