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Heat Wave and Drought 2018 (09/2018 )

The possible consequences

Dear customers,

This newsletter is a reminder of the precautions to be taken following the particularly dry and hot summer we have just had.

Plants and groundwater have been under great stress and the consequences can be quite harmful for your animals.

It is advisable to consider having the water analyzed, especially for bacteria and micro-organisms that may be present. Several people, in several different regions, have seen significant changes in their water over the past 2 years (remember that the summer of 2017 was not much wetter in some places!).

Quality water is essential to any production! If significant changes have occurred in the minerals, it is important to notify us, as your products may require an antidote to ensure that all remedies are working to their full capacity (free antidote addition service).

Feed was also under severe stress this summer: hay, grain, silage. Don’t forget, and remind your nutritionist, that mineral content can be greatly affected and that you will need to ensure that you balance the mineral intakes of your forages properly. Even our usual suggestions of “good feeding practices for ruminants” can be greatly affected. Be sure to check phosphorus-potassium-calcium-magnesium in the analyses, among other things, to avoid problems that could suggest other causes but that would have as a starting point a significant imbalance at the mineral level. SOLIPROMIN, which is the complex par excellence for the assimilation of proteins and minerals, will compensate, in large part, for the deficiencies and/or excesses in food and thus prevent the symptoms of deficiencies.

The concentration of chemicals and toxins could also increase. Therefore, the use of SOLITOX benefits the entire herd and avoids many of the problems.

We wish you a good end of summer, and big enough harvests to satisfy the needs of your herd!

The entire team at Labo Solidago Inc. wishes you a good season!